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Christmas and New Year Holiday Shipping 2013-2014

All orders received by Friday 20st December will shipped prior to Christmas. Our office and warehouse will be closed from Monday 24th December and reopen on Monday 6th January 2014, we will have an intermittent ship out of orders between this time and will resume regular shipping from Monday 6th January.

In the meantime, if there is an urgent order, please call Lin on 0410497790, We will arrange special courier service

Christmas and New Year Holiday Shipping 2013-2014

Reed Gift Fairs – Brisbane July 2011

Reed Gift Fairs – Brisbane July 2011

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New Style Sports Sunglasses

You could say that a pair of good quality sunglasses will make us get the most benefit. According to some statistics, 90% of eye injuries be prevented if wearing protective eyewear. With the help of sports sunglasses, we can not only protect our eyes against harmful UV radiation, but also can ensure our eyes to be safe during the process of exercises. Although different sports require different sunglasses, some similar outdoor activities, will be available for the same.

When sunglasses are an indispensable part of modern times, they have made our lives more colorful and elegant. And sunglasses may be worn in many cases go shopping in summer days, saturating the sunshine by the sea, etc. Besides, we can wear sunglasses and sports. These sunglasses are called sports sunglasses and becomes more and more popular.

First and foremost fishing is a kind of sport that belongs to the outdoor activities. Sports sunglasses with polarized lenses should be used, which will well protect your eyes from UV. So, it comes to skiing. Skiing is a fun activity, which is favored by many people. But you may be confused by “snow blindness” in the snow field. At this time, work sports sunglasses. They can ensure you to see things around you clearly and avoid “snow blindness”. Moreover, like cycling and running also need to wear sunglasses to eliminate glares. And sunglasses with polarized lenses are suitable for the above four times.

Of course there are other sports sunglasses. You better have a good idea of ??what they used to. Whatever sport you will do, a couple of fashionable sports sunglasses create a new style for you. And playing sports can be fashionable, too.