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Christmas and New Year Holiday Shipping 2013-2014

All orders received by Friday 20st December will shipped prior to Christmas. Our office and warehouse will be closed from Monday 24th December and reopen on Monday 6th January 2014, we will have an intermittent ship out of orders between this time and will resume regular shipping from Monday 6th January.

In the meantime, if there is an urgent order, please call Lin on 0410497790, We will arrange special courier service

Christmas and New Year Holiday Shipping 2013-2014

Reed Gift Fairs – Brisbane July 2011

Reed Gift Fairs – Brisbane July 2011

Brisbane Convention and Exhibitions

Lady Gaga with Her Fashion Chameleon Sunglasses

Daring, trendy, unique, creative or maybe crazy, she has a bold and distinctive sense of fashion. As a veritable fashion chameleon, even some superstars like to go with her fashion trend like craze. Who is she? That would be Lady Gaga who always know how to make a statement, the one who has the ability to become whoever she wants to become.
Each time this lady shows up in public, she definitely gives us a shocking and fresh image beyond the standards at the time with her innovative accessorizing.

Lady Gaga sunglasses have become pieces of art especially paired with her creative outfits. Most of her sunglasses we see in the media are big and square and long linear lines have become a signature look for her eyeglasses. It is no exaggeration to say that this lady is heading the way for how sunglasses may look in the fashion world.

Lady Gaga

As we can see, such elements as glitz and glam are usually incorporated into Lady Gaga