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Michael Jackson and Ray-ban Aviator Sunglasses

Known as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, a legend in pop music has left us for over one year. His brilliance as a singer and dancer has made him a prominent figure in pop music. In particular, his unique and talented dance techniques like the robot and the moonwalk will always remain in our heart. We have to accept that this brilliant artist has left us forever no matter how hard it is, and let us commemorate him in our own way. Wish him peace in the heaven!

Michael Jackson, has not only contributed to music and dance, but also contributed to fashion. Ray-ban sunglasses, Ray-ban aviator in particular, are well-liked by him as we have often seen him wearing them in public. To some extent, Ray-ban sunglasses have been his trademark. The first time when he was recognized with Ray-ban sunglasses was during the period of the album Thrillera