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Choppers Leather Belt (Sample Pack)

Choppers Leather Belt (Sample Pack)

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Goggle Sunglasses (Anti-Fog Coated) 91730SM

Foam Padded Motocycle Goggles (Anti-Fog Coated) 91730SM

Foam Padded Motocycle Goggles

DC 91730SM Road Master Goggle Sunglasses (Anti-Fog Coated) is interchangeable with removable strap and arm. DC 91730CLM Road Master Black Frame Goggles smoke tinted lens are great for Snowboarding, Motorcycle, Watercraft, Skiing/Snowboarding, Action Sports, ATV. DC 91730SM Road Master (Anti-Fog Coated) Goggles Sunglasses are suitable for larger faces

Australian safety glasses standard

In 1986 Australia and New Zealand published a joint standard for protective eyewear used in industry. The current standard for safety glasses is AS/NZS 1337:1992 ‘Eye protectors for industrial applications’. UVR protective eyewear is required in a variety of occupations both indoors and outdoors where UVR may reach potentially hazardous levels. The requirements of protective eyewear for indoor situations are markedly different from outdoor occupational situations. Indoor protective eyewear is generally clear yet transmitting little or no UVR. If the source being used is very bright in the visible region then the eyewear may require some tinting. Eyewear for use outdoors will generally require considerable tinting since the wearer will sometimes be working in full sunlight and possibly near highly reflective surfaces.